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How SKYXCEL Can Save You Money!

Microsoft Excel is used by 81% of businesses with over half a billion users worldwide. This statistic alone proves that Excel benefits companies in some shape or form, but how many of those businesses are using Excel to its full potential to maximize their efficiency?

At SKYXCEL we dive deep into your business processes and fully understand what you are trying to achieve, so that we can pinpoint where we can save you time, money, minimize costly errors and increase your efficiency. We know that Excel can be very tedious at times manually inserting formulas, formatting cells, creating visual reports, sorting and manipulating data; luckily SKYXCEL specializes in creating custom templates that automate these types of manual processes.


Excel can be very time consuming and frustrating to the common user, especially when users do not know the best route to take to reach the solution they are looking for. Of course most companies will have some skilled Excel employees, but what a lot of users do not have the knowledge of is Visual Basic of Applications (VBA). Excel VBA is all about automation and optimizing time in Excel. With Excel VBA, we can automate the majority of your manual processes with a click of a button. SKYXCEL can code macros to automate both simple and complex Excel tasks. This includes everything from simple data related tasks like removing duplicates, creating formulas, and copy/pasting data. To more complex tasks like building pivot tables or updating 100's of Excel files with data. The list goes on and on.

Applying Excel VBA to your daily processes will save you tons of man hours, which will allow your company as a whole to focus on other opportunities for growth.


Excel is a very versatile tool and the best part about it is that it has such a low cost to obtain. There are hundreds of software programs out there that assist businesses with accounting, scheduling, project management, etc., but these programs can be quite costly and they might not specifically fit your business needs. The customizability that Excel has greatly benefits businesses because they are getting exactly what they want, but user errors are very common. Every error costs time, money and can possibly lead towards a bad business decision; that is why SKYXCEL creates templates that are bulletproof to errors.


Knowing how to use Excel to its full potential unlocks so many great opportunities to not just speed up your processes, but to make sure tasks get done correctly as well. We know Excel can get complicated at times, that is why SKYXCEL focuses on making Excel as user-friendly as possible. We want our clients to be able to click through their spreadsheets with ease and not have to worry about inserting formulas, formatting cells and so on. Our goal is to remove all the time consuming hassles and transform Excel into a custom built application designed specifically for your business needs. Having a custom template allows employees to work more efficiently, prevents errors and is easier to understand.

We want to reveal to people that Excel can be used for so much more than what meets the eye. Most users do not know what Excel is capable of, so if you think that there is even a slight chance that you can utilize Excel for a certain task, please feel free to ask us any questions and we will be glad to figure out the best solution for your business needs.

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28 de abr. de 2020

I really like the SUMIF tutorial. Thanks

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