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Export PDF Automation

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Another job completed, another satisfied customer!

"Skylar was knowledgeable and communicative and accomplished exactly what I needed and in a very efficient manner. Will absolutely hire him again if I need more work. Highly recommend." -Susan


Minuteman Press is a high quality promotional printing company that needed to export a PDF file that showed the employee's contributions in table form and chart form for 1600 different employees.


Built a layout sheet in Excel that contained variable cells to receive data for each employee. With complex VBA scripts, we were able to loop through all the employee data and automatically insert the correct info into the layout sheet and have the pie chart adjust accordingly.


With a click of a button, this client was able to export 1600 PDF files with the name of the employee and ID# to a new folder without having to worry about any data errors and saving tons of time.

This is just one of many neat and efficient ways we can utilize Excel to automate processes. If you are interested in Excel automation to increase efficiency please do not hesitate to contact us to create a customized solution tailored to your specific needs!

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