Custom Excel Templates
Excel templates are perfect for saving time when creating the same type of file repeatedly, like weekly reports. The standard Microsoft Excel templates are great, but do they specifically pertain to your line of business? 
Instead of going through the hassle of trying to adjust a standard Excel template to fit your specific needs, let us do the work and provide you exactly what you're looking for. ​We will create an appealing Excel template with custom colors, fonts and graphing tools giving you that "personal dashboard" feel and look. 
At SKYXCEL our primary focus is user-friendly functionality and automated processes to make your life easier.
Excel Consulting
SKYXCEL goes beyond just completing the task that was requested, as we take on projects and learn about our client's processes, we provide professional insight on how we could make your business more efficient. 
With hands-on collaboration, we are able to see where we can save you time and eliminate errors. 
Excel Training
Searching for answers on the internet is great for finding solutions for your Excel projects, but what you find might not necessarily work for you. It can be quite complicated adjusting the internet's content to work with yours. 
At SKYXCEL we offer online training services remotely to guide you step-by-step through your Excel project while unlocking Excel's true potential allowing you to work smarter, not harder. 

30 DAY


We know having a program that functions properly is vital to your company, that is why we will not leave you with unfinished work. On all of our projects we offer a 30 day bug-free testing period, if a bug is found we fix it.
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SKYXCEL is here to help surpass your limitations.