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Project Management Board

Custom Excel Template Project Management
Custom Excel Template Project Management

Warren SW Refrigeration is one of the largest commercial refrigeration companies in Texas. With numerous jobs going on at once, they needed a way to keep track of the progress for each individual project.


Built a customized Excel template that gave the user access to add and edit projects in an organized manner. The alphabetically sorted, color coded, main page allowed the user to quickly see an overview of all the current jobs and which stage they are in. With a click of a button the end-user is able to open up the details of a specific job to track progress, type important notes and insert pictures. The client also didn't want to permanently delete jobs, so we wrote a code that permits the user to automatically save the job sheet to a specific folder for future review.


With the construction manager not being very tech-savvy we were still able to build a complex template that was easy to use, enabling the company to be more organized, more efficient and save unnecessary trips to job sites because now they know exactly what is needed to be done.

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