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Product Palletizing

Excel Pallet Template
Excel Pallet Template
Complex Excel Formula

"Skylar works on a very disciplined and deliberate manner to ensure every step in building a project is correct. When he gets it wrong he figures it out very quickly. The speed in which Skylar worked also impressed us. If you have a complex spreadsheet no need to look further than Skylar. I will work with him from now on." - Scott Fowler, Co-Founder of SitStandDesk


SitStandDesk manufactures and services high quality sit/stand desk that allows people to stand more and feel better at the office. They were wanting a spreadsheet that allowed them to place various products on certain pallet sizes and have it automatically calculate the weight, height and linear feet of each pallet for shipping purposes. 


After going through multiple orders and learning how SitStandDesk stacks their products on a pallet, we were able to design an user-friendly spreadsheet that allowed users to enter the quantity of products, select the pallet size, choose which way they want to place the products and calculate all the key factors for each pallet. When it comes to palletizing there are many regulations to follow, such as, exceeding a certain weight or height. Our spreadsheet notifies the user if one of these regulations are broken making it easy to see if there are any adjustments needed to be made.


With Excel automation, the customer does not have to worry about any calculation errors and can easily look at the report page to see all the totals needed for shipping. Without having to hand draw each pallet, SitStandDesk can save tons of time and increase their efficiency.

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