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Manufacture Cut Sheet

Custom Excel Template
Custom Excel Template
Custom Excel Template

This high quality shutter manufacture was looking to mimic certain segments of the software they were using to calculate all the dimensions to assemble their shutters because it came with a lot of crowded and unnecessary components that didn't pertain to them. Our goal was to recreate the program with the same look and feel while maintaining user-friendly functionality.


After learning all the math to create different styles of shutters we were able to build this customer a clean, simple template that still incorporated all the complex math behind the scenes. 


Now the customer can see an overview of all the specifications of each shutter for a particular job, add/edit/duplicate/delete shutters with a touch of a button and have a fast way to calculate pricing. After removing all the clutter from the program they were previously using, this client can continue to build high quality shutters while saving tons of money not having to pay for a yearly software subscription.

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