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Job Handling

Custom Excel Project Board
Excel Project board

Warren Ice Machine Co. is a ice machine sales/leasing company located in Houston, TX. With numerous jobs going on at once, they were wanting a simple way to keep track of the details for each one of their clients.


Built a customized Excel template that gave the user access to add and edit jobs in an organized manner. The main page is sorted by date and color coded allowing the user to quickly see an overview of all the current jobs status. With a click of a button the end-user is able to open up the details of a specific job to track progress, type important notes and view client contact info. On this detail page the user can simply select which purchase option the customer decided to go with which gets inputted back onto the home page.


Now the sales team have a more efficient and organized way to keep track of their job progress for each one of their customers. A report page was also added enabling them to see how many customers leased or purchased an ice machine along with their monthly or total payment.

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